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four-people-stabbed-in-south-east-norway,-police-say four-people-stabbed-in-south-east-norway,-police-say
World NewsMay 20, 2022

Four people stabbed in south-east Norway, police say

NEW DELHI: Villagers in West Bengal have since March reported seeing large animals with big feet leaping through forests. The...

nearly-60m-people-internally-displaced-worldwide-in-2021 nearly-60m-people-internally-displaced-worldwide-in-2021
World NewsMay 19, 2022

Nearly 60m people internally displaced worldwide in 2021

SEOUL: North Korea on Thursday reported 262,270 more suspected COVID-19 cases as its pandemic caseload neared 2 million — a...

philippines’-president-elect-marcos-says-china-ties-‘set-to-shift-to-higher-gear’-under-his-term philippines’-president-elect-marcos-says-china-ties-‘set-to-shift-to-higher-gear’-under-his-term
World NewsMay 18, 2022

Philippines’ president-elect Marcos says China ties ‘set to shift to higher gear’ under his term

North Korea hails COVID-19 recovery as WHO worries over missing data Country’s anti-virus headquarters announced 232,880 new cases of fever...

indonesia-tourist-bus-smashes-into-billboard,-killing-14 indonesia-tourist-bus-smashes-into-billboard,-killing-14
World NewsMay 16, 2022

Indonesia tourist bus smashes into billboard, killing 14

LAGUNA WOODS, California: One person was killed and four others were critically wounded in a shooting Sunday afternoon at a...

suicide-bomber-kills-6,-gunmen-kill-2-sikhs-in-northwest-pakistan suicide-bomber-kills-6,-gunmen-kill-2-sikhs-in-northwest-pakistan
World NewsMay 15, 2022

Suicide bomber kills 6, gunmen kill 2 Sikhs in northwest Pakistan

BUFFALO, New York: A white 18-year-old wearing military gear and livestreaming with a helmet camera opened fire with a rifle...

japan’s-prime-minister-offers-condolences-to-the-uae japan’s-prime-minister-offers-condolences-to-the-uae
World NewsMay 14, 2022

Japan’s prime minister offers condolences to the UAE

North Korea’s Kim says COVID-19 ‘great turmoil’, 21 new deaths reported Pyongyang made an unprecedented admission of its first COVID-19...

britain,-france-urge-allies-to-keep-pressure-on-putin britain,-france-urge-allies-to-keep-pressure-on-putin
World NewsMay 13, 2022

Britain, France urge allies to keep pressure on Putin

NEW DELHI: For the women in the village of Dandichi Bari, the walk to fetch water begins at 4 a.m....

russian-ex-minister-jailed-for-bribery-released-on-parole russian-ex-minister-jailed-for-bribery-released-on-parole
World NewsMay 12, 2022

Russian ex-minister jailed for bribery released on parole

LONDON: The eldest son of Egyptian hate preacher Abu Hamza, the notorious former imam of London’s Finsbury Park Mosque, has...

russia-pounds-odesa-as-civilian-bodies-uncovered-elsewhere russia-pounds-odesa-as-civilian-bodies-uncovered-elsewhere
World NewsMay 10, 2022

Russia pounds Odesa as civilian bodies uncovered elsewhere

TOKYO: The Japanese government on May 10 extended an Emergency Grant Aid of $10 million, in response to the food...

russia-presses-ukraine-assault-as-putin-marks-victory-day russia-presses-ukraine-assault-as-putin-marks-victory-day
World NewsMay 9, 2022

Russia presses Ukraine assault as Putin marks Victory Day

MANILA: Filipinos were voting for a new president Monday, with the son of an ousted dictator and a champion of...

philippine-police-say-country-‘relatively-peaceful’-ahead-of-election philippine-police-say-country-‘relatively-peaceful’-ahead-of-election
World NewsMay 8, 2022

Philippine police say country ‘relatively peaceful’ ahead of election

CHICAGO: Iran is close to building a nuclear weapon and is using negotiations with the West to give them more...

karine-jean-pierre-named-first-black-white-house-press-secretary karine-jean-pierre-named-first-black-white-house-press-secretary
World NewsMay 6, 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre named first Black White House press secretary

COLOMBO: As mass anti-government demonstrations continue across Sri Lanka, young people have set up a library at the main protest...

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